DR Swiss – the straightforward alternative

"Mach keis Büro uf!"

That’s what we say in Switzerland when we want to take a straightforward and pragmatic approach to things. Excessive bureaucracy and endless red tape? That’s not how we do things in Zurich!

Our company headquarters in Zurich is home to our agile team of 30 highly specialised and experienced employees. We have extensive underwriting expertise and an excellent understanding of the needs of our clients as well as the particularities of the markets they operate in. This allows us to make decisions quickly and in a pragmatic and straightforward manner.

We are a valuable partner when it comes to selected European and international markets and have been offering reliable non-life reinsurance to a partnership-orientated range of clients for close to a quarter of a century.

Are you interested in a long-term partnership designed to secure mutual success?

If so, feel free to get in touch with one of our DR Swiss colleagues!

Our team

Based in Zurich, we provide you with personal and individualised support. Would you like to speak directly to one of our colleagues responsible for your market? Then click here to find your personal contact person:

The Netherlands

Sonja Hoffmann

Director Underwriting & Market Head Netherlands

Phone: +41 44 215 76 59
Mobile: +41 79 606 40 67

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

Urs Wüst

Market Head Nordics

Phone: +41 44 215 76 77
Mobile: +41 79 469 66 27

Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom

Jörg Posselt

Market Head UK, Ireland

Phone: +41 44 215 76 50
Mobile: +41 79 662 05 62

Germany and Austria

Christian Eikermann

Market Head Germany, Austria

Phone: +41 44 215 76 43
Mobile: +41 79 660 83 00

Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

Laurent Beauregard

Market Head France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Maghreb

Phone: +41 44 215 76 58
Mobile: +41 79 571 03 22

Italy and Malta

Fortunata Distefano

Market Head Italy, Malta

Phone: +41 44 215 76 62
Mobile: +41 79 723 68 95

Greece, Israel, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus

Jean-Luc Dupont

Market Head South Europe, Israel

Phone: +41 44 215 76 66
Mobile: +41 79 281 93 91

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The inside line

In our Summer 2024 issue, we look at the climate insurance protection gap. We examine the problems as well as possible solutions. We also explore the future of mobility. We look at where the limits of established business models lie and what opportunities mobility data offers. And finally, we ask what is behind the hype surrounding artificial intelligence in the insurance industry against the backdrop of the AI Act, the world's first AI law.

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