DR Swiss

Solid as a rock.

An established industry player.

Facts and figures at a glance

Although we have only been around for a good 20 years, we are already an established player in the reinsurance industry. The reason for this is as simple as it is decisive: we share a common history with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us since our company was founded. And we’ve grown together. Because our clients know that they can rely on us – as we can rely on them.

Personable, reliable and long-term. These are the defining characteristics of our business partnerships and what allow us to ensure solid and dependable collaboration.

Stronger together

As a Deutsche Rück Group company, DR Swiss consistently receives a high “A+” rating from Standard & Poor’s with a very good capitalisation at “AAA level” – not least due to our stable ownership structure.

As a committed member of the Swiss Insurance Association (SVV), we ensure we are on the pulse when it comes to regulatory and market-relevant industry issues.

“Our focus is on continuity. Because we know that a trusting, long-term partnership is the best way to find balance in volatile times.”

Achim Bosch (CUO) & Frank Schaar (CEO)

At home in Europe. Internationally recognised.

Deutsche Rückversicherung AG – our parent company in Germany

Our parent company is Deutsche Rückversicherung AG, based in Düsseldorf. Together, as Deutsche Rück Group, we provide reinsurance for the entire European insurance market and in selected international markets. Get to know our parent company! www.deutscherueck.com

We have a sustainable and exceptionally good capitalisation, a strong competitive position and a secure earnings situation. Thanks to this financial security, we regularly obtain an excellent rating. In 2023, Standard & Poor’s once again confirmed the “A+” rating with a “stable” outlook for both DR Swiss and the entire Deutsche Rück Group.

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